MSLSAM - Output log written during the job execution at the root of defined path

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For MSLSAM Agent v20, with the following configuration :
SMAcommon.ini :
[Output Settings]

MSLSAM.ini :
[General Settings]

Logs are written in the following file during job execution :
E:\loclog\opconxps\<Mslsam_Full_Install_Path>\JobOutput\Archives\YYYY_MM_DD (day)\ID.out

and at the end of job :
E:\loclog\opconxps\<Mslsam_Full_Install_Path>\JobOutput\Archives\YYYY_MM_DD (day)\ScheduleShortname_jobShortName_RunId.log

What we are expecting is that log file during the execution and at the end should be the same, with long names and at the root of the defined path, i.e. :

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Comments: 0