Add a property to reference job/schedule documentation blurb so it can be sent with notifications

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We've been getting better about documenting jobs and schedules internally in OpCon through the documentation tab. We want to assist folks in understanding the nature of jobs/schedules, their priority, inputs/outputs, troubleshooting, remediation steps, etc. We want OpCon to be the system of record for this information and we want it to be easily accessible.

We send notifications from OpCon to Pagerduty when jobs fail. We rotate on-call duties through all members of our team, and each person has varying amounts of knowledge of OpCon jobs.

In order to make this information immediately available to an on-call technician that might get a 2:00am wake-up page, we would like to be able to send the contents of the documentation tab as part of the notification body. There is currently no way to do this. We would like OpCon to have a system property or something to reference the schedule and job documentation content.


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Comments: 2