A Comment / State change field in the Machine Status tab in Enterprise Manager

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D413: We like to have extra column in the Machine Status tab of Enterprise manager to put in commet why the machine is in current state. If you change a machine state you should get a pop-up window and fill in the reason, as we get when changing a job status.So If we change the machine state into any of the possible states: Stop / Start Communication , Enable / Disable Job Start the popup should be shown and you should be able to give a reason why. This will help opcon operators to see why the machine has this state and can take action or not. In the Table view of the Machine Status in Enterprise manager there is enough room, see screenshot.Perhaps it would be a good idea to also make those colums moveable so that you can have your own view of the Table!

It would be of great value for the opcon operators to have a view why machines have the status they have.
So that they are informed about this, or can take action upon it.

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Comments: 0