Add a Windows Sub-type Job for Powershell

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D200: Add the possibility to have a Windows Powershell as a Windows sub-type job.This sub-type job should also be able to select a powershell snap-in, like Exchange, Sharepoint, Scom andso on.It would be nice if those snap-ins could be custom configurable, so that we could add a snapin ourselfs when a new product is out with a new snap in. For the new windows operating systems Microsoft is pushing thier powershell feature, which is very powerfull for thier other products. So it is common on those OSses, like the command prompt. It also opens up a lot of extra possibilities within opcon to execute commands for the windows environment.

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The value of this idea is that you have a uniform way of starting powershell commands through opcon and you "don't" need always powershell scripts. Powershell has also advanced features which could be more powerfull than the current windows sub-type jobs (rename, copy etc).
In RDW we are

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Comments: 0