Ability to set Workdays per week on individual jobs, not just schedules.

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D363: I would like "Workdays per week" to be either moved to the job level, or an override added to job in addition to schedule level. We have a large schedule that has a couple of jobs that run weekends, so they must be in a 7 day schedule. We also have a job in that schedule with a frequency of end of period, month, offset days by -1 workdays, and we need it to run the 2nd to last BUSINESS day of the month, not the 2nd to last day. For this frequency to be correct, it must be in a 5 day schedule. The only way around this is to put them in separate schedules, which I don't like doing. It makes dependencies impossible to see in workflow designer, and since they are part of 1 logical group, it throws the operators off that they're not all found in 1 schedule.

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