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Since we have converted to online help, I have repeatedly needed to print and attach information to emails. Especially in Release Announcements where we try to attach the "readme". There is no more readme pdf! So I have to generate one - which isn't always pretty. I'm not sure how the support team will fare when they need to help customers find documentation. The hope there is that customers will know how to get to their documentation URL, and then we can tell them where to go from there.

I think it would serve SMA and our Customers well to have this documentation online somewhere so we can send valid links for help. It would also provide a place we could publish updates any time we need!

The customer portal seems like a good location, but I'm not sure about the feasibility. Can we look into it? I don't think this would have to coincide with any specific release. As soon as we can figure out how to publish this way, we can just publish the current documentation!

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