Notification Manager Events trigger type

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Would be great to be able to setup notifications for failed Events similar to the way we can setup notifications for Machines, Schedules and Jobs. Currently we are manually checking for them in the SAM log, but are considering writing a parser to look for keywords in the log until this feature is available.

10/1/2019 11:36:45.721 Receiving Event $PROPERTY:SET,ACHReturnsDisabled,true,*USER*,(HIDDEN). Received from UI

10/1/2019 11:36:45.721 User [*USER*] submitted a Property change, but does not have this access level $PROPERTY:SET,ACHReturnsDisabled,true,*USER*,(HIDDEN). Received from UI

10/1/2019 11:36:45.721 Failed to process event $PROPERTY:SET. Received from UI

10/1/2019 11:22:57.216 Receiving Event $JOB:ADD,CURRENT,000 ACH Processing AM,XFER ACH Repost - NSF Notice File_[[ACHCURRENTTIME]],ONREQUEST,,,. Received from 10/1/2019:000 ACH Processing AM:SEQ ACH Repost - NSF Notices_11:22 (Job Event Trigger)

10/1/2019 11:22:57.216 Processing Event $JOB:ADD,10/1/2019,000 ACH Processin

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Comments: 0