Update the OPCON_INFO table with the correct SAM patch information which is diaplyed via the EM > He

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It would allow support to quickly and reliably identify the SAM release patch a customer is running by selecting the information from the Help menu in the EM .

Create a new field in the OPCON_INFO table, called Sam Release

Display this new field under the OpCon Release information in the EM Help > About screen

I realize the OPCON_INFO table is updated by running the SMA OpCon Database Scripts Installer , and we do not want to incorporate this function back into the SAM installer, nor do we want the customer have to run a database upgrade each time we issue a patch.

The thought is to send any update statements needed via a sql transaction at start up to update the OPCON_INFO table with the new information. Is this possible?

Also, the label name on the CD Build does not match the information in the EM, ex: in the \\smanas\Opcon CD Images folder it will show 17.0.0 as the CD build, but in the EM it shows, 17.00 I can update the OPCON_INFO table manually to say 17.0.;0 and it accep

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