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| 8/15/2014 18:28:11 | bkennelly@smasolutions.it |

We should have a mechanism for agents to mark events as "authenticated", so that the SAM event processor can trust the userid without requiring a password to re-authenticate. This would avoid the need for batch passwords to be stored on each host and to be passed through SMANetcom.

The permissions and roles for events would still be enforced using OpCon's security model, so the agents using this option would only need to validate the userid locally, not the event itself. (In some cases, the agent may want to define an "OpCon event" resource in the host's security model, but the finer granularity should be left to OpCon. And, of course, if a "trusted" userid is not known to OpCon, the event would still be rejected. This is not a proposal to create a super-user bypass.)

As an example, the agent could send the event with two leading dollar signs to indicate "trust". Events would still be recognised in the SMANetcom stream by the leadin

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