Add note to SMAUtility job scripts where to look for the actual job log

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Support gets a lot of support cases where these jobs fail and the customer, for whatever reason, only looks at the job output, and not the job specific log. They create a ticket and ask for help, then we either ask them to send us the log, or do a web-session. It would be nice if we could train our customers to look at the real job log.

Currently , these jobs individual logs get written to SET SQLScriptOutputDirectory=C:\ProgramData\OpConxps\Utilities\Database\Log\

I know you can't default these jobs to the sam/log folder cause the database may be on another machine but could we add a remark into the .cmd's to at least let them know when they look at the view job output, that there is another log to look at?


Then when they look at the job output, they see this at the end of the log:

C:\ProgramData\OpConXps\Utilities\Database>SET DBRestoreOperator=opconsam

C:\ProgramData\OpConXps\Utilities\Database>SET DBRestoreKey=0pC0nxp$


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