Allow "Retry on Failure" Jobs to Trigger Failure Events

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Periodically we'll run into a situation where we want a job to kick off an event when it fails. If this job is set to retry on failure, It won't submit the event until after the last failure. There are situations, such as for notifications, where we may want both, the ability to trigger an event for EVERY failure of the job and the convenience of allowing the job to retry from within the job frequency.

In our case, we have a job that will go out and check to see if a task has been completed. If not, the job will fail and email a group of people to do the task. It's set to retry on failure, so every 5 minutes it will go and check again. While we'd like it to notify them each time, it currently won't notify them until it's ran out of retries.

We think there should be a checkbox on the job frequency tab, that if checked will allow the OpCon to submit events for each failure of the job.

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