Service Request Process Indicator should show the status of the startet Jobs from the request

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D489: Today when a self service request has been submittet, the status response only indicates, that the service request has been completet, has failed or is in process. Thats not realy what the user want to have. In most of the cases, an event has been executes or is completet within less than 1 seconds. We tested it an detectet, that the medium time for submitting an event takes 0,2 seconds or less. So you need a service request with 10 events, that it is for 2 seconds in process. As a user I have another requirement for the service request process indicator. When I start a service request like the "Run Backup" in the example of the Solution Manager Quick User Guide, I'm interested to receive information about the status of the startet backup job. For me its is importand to know, when the backup job is complete or still in process, not the status of submitting the event which starts the Job.

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Comments: 0