Granular User Permissions

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D478: We desparately need OpCon to provide more granularity in regards to user permissions. There are too many menus that require full access just to allow read functions. Additionally, there are various tools that are tied to security functions that we'd like to see separated. For example, in order to allow a user to have the ability to use "Schedule Extract" it requires that "All Function Privileges" be added to their role. Doing this gives them access to maintain users, roles, etc. which we do not want. Another example is in order to provide read only access to the schedule master menu, the user also gets the ability to modify it. In general, if we could allow read only access to basically every menu that would be helpful. Really, the ability to separate read and write privileges would be a life saver.

Declined OpCon Suggested by: Hidden identity Upvoted: 27 Jan, '21 Comments: 0

Comments: 0