Keyboard Shortcuts for the Daily Job Menu

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D500: Created Feb 1 2016

Hello ,

Using the mouse is not always fast, I wish I could have keyboards short-cuts

Example: CTRL + E edit the job selected in the master

CTRL + S Restard the selected job

CTRL + I History of the job, etc ......

The best would be to have the ability to customize our keyboards shortcuts.

Thank you in advance,

GiacomoOriginal French Title:Avoir des Raccourcis Clavier Original French Description:Bonjour , L'utilisation de la souris n'est pas toujours rapide , j'aimerais pouvoir avoir des raccorcis claviersExemple : CTRL + E edit le job selectionné dans la master CTRL + S Restard du job Selectionnée CTRL + I Historique du job , ......etc Le mieux serait d'avoir la possibilité de personnaliser nos raccourcis claviers . Merci d'avance Giacomo

Describe the value you would receive if this idea was implemented:*

We could have a time saving and ease of use with the keyboard to the most important actions because

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