Events associated with the user who created them

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D416: Customer : LODH (Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch)
Opcon release : X5.20
Currently when a user creates some internal events associated to a job, these events are associated with this user. If you change the user privileges or if you delete this user, the events associated with this user will be rejected by SAM.
1- if the user is deleted, the event user will become ocadm.
2- if the user is disabled, the event user is always the same.
3- If the user's privileges are changed or removed, then the events will need to run as a user that has privileges to perform the function. This can be modified in the JEVENTS table. This behavior is not user friendly.
Damien would wish, when the user's privileges are changed or removed, that a pop-up appears on the screen and then that a new affectation of the privileges is proposed : ocadm or other users ?
In the future, Damien would wish that the events are managed not by a user, but by a profile (in this case, no modification when the user profil chan

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