Add a "Write File" message type to the JORS protocol

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| Brian Kennelly |


Currently, the JORS protocol has "List" and "Read file" message types, which are sufficient for obtaining job output or JCL/script contents. The z/OS JCL/Sysout Access agent also supports writing JCL back to the server. If the JORS protocol had a "Write file" option, this could be extended to other platforms, and it could be used for agent configuration. (The latter may have less importance with the success of the centralised configuration effort, but it could be a part of the implementation.)
I think this would only need to support simple formats and ASCII text files, and the JORS server would limit the possible write locations.
This would require some serious looks at security and audit issues.
Full use of this to edit scripts would require some user input options in the dialogue, both for fetching and for saving the files.

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Comments: 0