Create/Setup Jobs through a Wizard

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We should make it easy on customers to setup jobs via a wizard: 1. ask for what frequency and ask questions which are assertions or negations (a path of least resistance and which rules out the 'don't cares' and asserts the 'true' data. 2. the customer can choose what type of job (only those jobs which are 'easy' to begin with 3. finally, ask how often they want to build it.

The consultants would be able to give input as to the most frequently used jobs. We could even have the wizard ask what industry: Credit Union, Banks, etc maybe.

We need to make the complexity and flexibility of OpCon and simplify it for the everyday user

We could do a wizard for finding log files also - maybe just Failures... 1) Pick out all the logs you want to gather: SAM, NetCom, etc.. 2) pick the date range you want to look at or maybe search by job name 3) Select the job ( jobs) - then 4) choose - open all logs or 'zip and download'

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Comments: 1