SMA Resource Monitor in Solution Manager

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The File Arrived Job Action was a nice addition to OpCon, but there are times when running Windows based file monitors as a service is a better fit. We need the ability to create, modify, and manage SMA Resource Monitor rules from a central location.


* SMA Resource Monitor configuration files are created and managed centrally and then pushed to the specified OpCon Machine(s) in a similar fashion as the embedded scripts.
* OpCon Properties within the SMA Resource Monitor's File Name parameter are resolved with the value being placed into the configuration file when it gets pushed to the specified server(s).
* There should be an option to automatically update the configuration file. This way date stamps within a file name or file path can be automatically updated. Below are three options which should be supported:

** The configuration file could be set up as a static file which will only be updated when the configuration is modified from the central location.
** The conf

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Comments: 0