Allow Full-Control of Manual Edits to Self-Service Events

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We would like to make a self-service button that can be used to trigger different kinds of events, based on the user's choice. However, when attempting to manually edit the button's attached event, it says, "Cannot find template associated with event command".

In this particular case, I intended to create a button that could release or hold a specific job. I wanted to use the following event: $JOB:${Choice},CURRENT,Test Schedule Name,Test Job Name. I would define the ${Choice} variable with the options of "HOLD" and "RELEASE". However, Self-Service detects that $JOB:${Choice}, isn't a normal event, and won't let me continue.

If we choose to manually edit the event, we would like to be able to submit the event command we want, without Self-Service verifying its integrity. Or at least allow us to ignore its warning.

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Comments: 0