EM: Enhance and synchronize File Arrival jobs for Windows and IBM i (& others?)

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User experience, including SMA internal QA users, suggests that it is confusing to have look-alike File Arrival job definitions for Windows and IBM i, and yet the job definition parameters have a different effect on the job behavior. This project recommends the following changes that will both unify the user experience and enhance the capabilities of File Arrival jobs in ways that real clients are already demanding:

1. A first step in unifying the EM user experience will be to change the label on the "Job Type" field that is defined within the IBM i-specific job parameters. The location and purpose of this field very closely match the Windows job master field called "Job Action." This would also make it easier to distinguish between two "Job Type" fields presented in the overall Job Master panel.

2. The IBM i File Arrival feature offers extended capabilities that are currently supported by a special naming convention in the Variables tab/table: Names that start with $@ can matc

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