Job Master - Frequency tab - Common settings for all frequencies

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In Job Master screen, in Frequency Tab, i'd like to see an option to make all time settings common for all frequencies.

It's already possible in Events Tab (cf attached print screen).

There are at least 2 usecases where it could be useful :

- Very common : you have a job planned from 'Monday to Friday'. Then, you need to change it to "Monday to Saturday" or "Tuesday to Friday", in this situation, you have to add/select the new frequency, and then copy manually all settings.

Notice to avoid errors in that situation,

* 1st, I add the new frequency, then copy the settings, switching from a frequency to another to view if something moves on the screen,
* then, I delete the obsolete frequency from the list.

- you have a job that is scheduled from Day 1 to Day 5 of the month, always on the same time, with the same notifications & repetitions. Today, you have to input those settings once per frequency (introducing errors)

In the end, there are more cases where I need exactly t

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