Enhancement to Windows Job Sub-Typ WS_FTP Pro

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D470: Actualy the Windows Job Sub-Typ WS_FTP Pro allows only simple transfers between an FTP server and a client system. That means, its only possible to specify a source fileÿand a destinationÿfile.ÿMore flexibility could be implemented, when we have the choice to select, if we would executeÿthe wsftpro.exe or the ftpscrpt.exe. With the ftpscrpt.exe we canÿrun a script file which contains until 34 different commands. Withÿthis commands its possible to manageÿfiles onÿthe ftp server, you can rename them, delete them, move the and so on.ÿSee the WS_FTP Pro job definitions:ÿWS_FTP Pro Location: here it shouldÿbe possibleÿto defeine either the wsftppro.exe or the ftpscrpt.exeSource Profile: no changeSource File: either the path to the file which shoud be transferred or the path to the WS_FTP scripting fileDestination Profile: no changeDestination File: the name and location of the destination file in case of a normal transfer, in case of executing a script, this parameter is not definedÿÿ

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Comments: 0