Able to use Global Properties in the Machine Selection / Machine Group Selection of job details

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D509: Created Mar 29 2016

I like to be able to put into the Job Master - Job Details screen an Global Property for the Machine selection / Machine Group Selection. If we are able to use a global property in the machine selection / machine group selection than we can dynamically change those settings and then be able to switch from server very fast and without an huge effort. You can build a scripts or use notification manager to add a $PROPERTY:SET,, to change the property to your liking (so a correct opcon registered machine name should be entered). This makes it possible to quickly change a machine in jobs which use that global property. So if one machine has problems you can do an auto-self healing to point the gloabl property to another server so that the jobs continue to work. For the machine group I like to be able to assign more machine to a global property (server1,server2,server3,server4,....) so that a machine group can also be switched by all options in opcon or even script

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Comments: 0