File Watcher Job Action Advanced Failure Criteria?

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So I really wanted to use this job action today since I'm at a site with 15.3. Here's my situation:

I am attempting to download files every day from an FTP site where I have to wildcard a date. There are only files out there twice a month, but there is no rhyme or reason to when they put them out when they do, so I can't simply match a frequency.
What I wanted to do was use the File Arrival job action to look at the folder the files are downloaded to AFTER the download job has run to check for the files. If a file exists and the file arrival job finishes OK, it would do a $JOB:ADD event to add a container job and sub-schedule to process, using the $FILE ARRIVAL NAME property.
The problem is, the job simply fails with a -1 if there is no file, and of course, there is no option to define advanced failure criteria to tell the job it's OK if it fails with a -1.
Why are we so determined to get rid of the advanced failure criteria option? That section is always at the very bottom of any job

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