Notification Manager "missing" triggers

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I just realized that in Notification Manager there is no capability for 'Job Completion Complex Expressions', or Exit Description' for an Event.

The WSUS(Windows Server Update Service) Connector that Parag is writing currently has 17 exit codes that are of interest, depending on execution.

At the Job level you can create an Event on 'Exit Description' for each of them, or a 'Job Completion Complex Expressions' for each of them however there is no way of doing this in Notification Manager.

In a real application, a large user will have many different multi-instance jobs for different Server types being patched (Test, Prod, SQL Servers, Application Servers, QA Servers, etc etc). It is not a good idea making the customer create up to 17 different Events at the job level for each multi-instance Job.

So Notification Manager needs to have 'Job Completion Complex Expressions', or' Exit Description' for an Event.



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Comments: 0