Windows Batch User account integration with AD

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Guam, George, and I are at Data Processing Inc (DPI) this week. They have a request which lead to multiple requests.

They are not happy with our Batch User's Passwords not being tied to AD. Their auditors will not like them setting up a user whose password will not expire but the extra step to update OpCon's Batch User's Password each time they update the Windows Password is easily forgotten and will lead to issues. What they would like is a Command Line driven way to update OpCon's Batch User Password. They use a Batch Utility to create a random password and update their User's Passwords and would like to use that to also update OpCon's password.

In my eyes there are 4 enhancements to Batch User Passwords which we really have a large need for (two of which we run into at most clients we work with).

1.) An auto-update feature either tying into AD or a Command Line driven way for us to update the AD Password and our Batch User Passwo

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