Expandable forms/fields in Self Service

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I'm running into a situation where it would be helpful to have self service act as a form for input information and be able to perform OpCon events based on each entry in the form - essentially making it a multi-instance button/form. For instance, lets say I have 3 input variables: X, Y, and Z. This self service button's form would submit events just like a button currently does. The form would be dynamic - if I input one set of X, Y, and Z, another row for input would be added to the screen to accept an additional set of inputs. Once the user hits submit, self service would submit an event for each instance of X, Y, and Z that was input. This would prevent users from having to click a button for each and every entry when there are many instances of X, Y, and Z entries. Imagine having to click a self service button 20+ times and entering X, Y, and Z each time as opposed to hitting it once, filling out a dynamic form, and hitting submit.



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Comments: 0