SMASmartEmail Installation Enhancement - Userid Password confusion

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From: Mike Grieco
Sent: Wednesday, June 6, 2018 4:20 PM
To: William Pool
Subject: smasmartemail 18.1

Hi William

I think we spoke to this before, but why doesn't the installer know what the userid / passwords are for events/email logons on existing installations?

It gives you a screen with empty values for the two. So I get the impression that if I don't enter data, it will wipe out what's in the config file. It would be nice if the installer would show the current values even if they are encrypted and allow you to keep them or replace them with text values, Ideally, if you enter a text value, the installer will automatically encrypt them during the update process. as a side note, the installer does not ask for the event userid and password during the SMAResourceMonitor install


The installers do not know the encryption method used so it cannot decrypt the values. I thought the installer was written that if you leave them blank then nothing happens.


That's an issue a

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