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On behalf of Ben Damaree (via email) :

Outlink Datacenter is Jack Henry/Symitar's datacenter which runs processing for over 200 Credit Unions. They purchased a bundle from use which allows them to use SMA Self Service and our Ease Connector (allowing a client's OpCon API to easily communicate to Outlink's OpCon API to initiate certain processes).

Anyway, one of the thing they are selling to their clients they are calling "Peak". It is the ability to log into SMA Solution Manager and watch their Schedules/Workflows.

Outlink Request:

They would like a role based way to "ForceLogOff". For a use case, they do a failover twice a year running their production in their DR location for roughly 6 months and then moving back to their "production" location. Kevin is helping them automate a good amount of this process, but moving 200+ Credit Unions takes a good amount of time. Because of this they would like to limit who can log in during this failover process. They don't want to just shut dow

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