Provide Reset Password for Event Password

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Using the "Password Update" option in the drop-down menu from keyword "EnterpriseManager" in the main EM window, there are two options: One for the User Password and one for the Event Password. However, both options require that you know the Old Password.

If any user has forgotten an Old Password for the User's main password, they can navigate to Security -> User Accounts. Then, selecting an account reveals the "Reset User Password" button.

This Idea requests a similar "Reset Event Password" button, because without that, there is no way to use the "Change Event Password" button, since it requires that you supply a valid old password.

This Idea recognizes that there is a well-known, default password value for the Event Password when setting up a new account. However, later on, if the Event Password was already set to a unique value that has been forgotten, it is currently necessary to use a database query just to find the "Old Password" that is required by the Event Password Update

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Comments: 0