SMArt Email - Update Parsing Parameters

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Parsing emails with SMArt Email is awesome - but it's really complicated the way it currently works, with all of the SubjectLineMask, ProcessBody, QualifyingSubjectLine, AttachmentMask, etc. parameters. It would be awesome if we allowed for multi-line matching as well, and if it was much simpler to do.

For instance, if I wanted to match two lines with the same configuration, I'd have to plug in a regex that looks something like this (notice all the carriage return/line feed \r\n's):

SubjectLineMask=Event Code:\s+(\S+)\r\n\r\nEvent Message:\s+Delivery is now Complete.\r\n\r\nProducer:\s+\d+\r\n\r\nConsumer:\s+\S+\r\n\r\nProducer Filename:\s+(\S+)

What if we simplified this and made it easier to understand. Instead of having a single "subjectlinemask" field that is your parse rule, then options to process body, or specify an attachment mask, etc. etc., just do something more l

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