SAM FQDN in (MS)Lsam.ini

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D206: It would be nice to have the possibility to put in the Fully Qualified Domain Name from the SAM Server into the Lsam.ini files.ÿ[TCP/IP Parameters]SocketNumberToSAM=3100AllowedIPAddress_1=Servername.DomainName.LocalAllowedIPAddress_2=AllowedIPAddress_3=AllowedIPAddress_4=AllowedIPAddress_5=ÿWhen this is possible, there is only one change needed in DNS instead of all the Mslsam.inies on all the servers when the Ip-address from the Sam server changes.ÿThe Ip-address can change in case of switching to a disaster recovery or when migrating to a newer version on a new server.ÿWe are using a lot of MS Lsam?s but I think this can be very usefully for all the Lsam?sÿÿÿ

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