SMA Self Service-need a way to control the display order

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D421: All buttons are placed in order by their creation date. We need a way to control the display order otherwise the Buttons quickly get placed in a random order. If I add a button to the process it gets thrown to the bottom of the list (even after buttons that are for other processes). This will cause problems for end users and requires the administrator to rebuild the block of "like" processes any time there is an addition to make sure they are blocked together. The SMA Selector had [Button#] which allowed you to sort. A good workaround is renaming all buttons with something like "Test -" at the beginning of them you can then copy the buttons in the order you want them displayed. After the copy you can just delete the "Test -" button.
This will still be tedious when you have a lot of buttons, but was pretty simple with the 10 or so we have set up.

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Comments: 1

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