Master Job Documenation Tab - Grant/Allow edit access other others without Master Schedule access.

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D401: The Documentation Tab under the master job schedule, content can only to edited or updated by those with master job permissions.

Request: The ability to allow others to manage the master job schedule documentation tab/content without granting them access to the entire master job schedule.

As a major hosting servicing providor with product offering that allows many variations of custom or unique process automation to help meet client business needs, with over a 1,000+ daily jobs ran in any given day, it's a big challenge to keep up with and managing hundreds of special job/processing scenarios. The operators are on the front line to monitor and resolve any job processing issues. For those jobs that have unique process flows, or special recover procedures, etc., it's more efficient and productive for these operators to update the documentation tab, for the associated job in "real time". All require documentation associated with the job centralized and or linked to from one place.

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