Multi-Instance Jobs Using Machine Instance Properties

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D479: I sat with Kenneth today and tried to work this out with him. It is currently not possible in Opcon to do this. What we are trying to accomplish is create one job and run it across multiple machines and directories. Each machine will have multiple, slightly different directories. Example:MACHINE1-DIR=001-DIR=002-DIR=003 MACHINE2-DIR=123-DIR=456-DIR=789 Etc. for over 20 machines. The setup in OpCon is as follows:-The machines are placed in a Machine Group-The job in Opcon is setup to use [[MI.DIR]], to allow multi-instance & use the machine group with the option of -"run on each machine" selected.-When the job is built, only ONE job per machine is created. There should have been 5-8 jobs PER machine created.-It looks like the Machine Instance doesn't work the same way as a Schedule Instance or Job Instance.-The only semi-solution to this at the moment is to create a job PER machine and setup the Job Instance properties for the different directories. We would like the Machine Insta

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