Support Day Type and AOBN with Annual Plan

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D101: As a financial industry customer, I would like to be able to set up a frequency to schedule jobs on the last day of the work week IF a Holiday falls on a weekend so that I don't have to set up multiple annual plan calendars that have to be maintained.

A discussion with David Bourland regarding this scenario resulted in the following specific enhancement idea:

Make the Annual Plan frequency be Workday / Any day sensitive. Currently it forces the choices to ?On? since the original expectation was that the Annual Plan contained the actual day to run and didn?t require any further consideration. We can still support that by defaulting to ?Any; On? but allow the setting of ?Working; A/B/N?. With this enhancement, customers could use the following two frequencies to resolve the use case defined in this enhancement:

1. Create the first frequency (highest priority) as Annual Plan ? Master Holiday, Day Type ? Any AND set the Job Build Status to Do Not Schedule;
2. Create the second fre

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