secure all our defined properties and data

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D454: For a few months, we have shared our production environment with another department. We have a production and test environment and since a few months we are not the only users of the production environment. We use Opcon for a CIA 5 application and the other department for a CIA 3 application. What we see is that if one of the other departments wants to add/change/or delete for examples a Resource he/she can also change or delete a resource witch we use. I believe this is the same for :Global PropertiesTresholdsResourcesMachinesNotification ManagementReports Moreover, when you logon to Opcon the system gives the opportunity to remove schedules prior to a date. If you say yes you are not only removing your own data but also the data of the other users. We would like to secure all our defined properties and data so they cannot be changed by people not belonging to our department.

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