Read Only Mode for Production Enterprise/Solution Manager

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With our development team needing access to Prod OpCon, there isn't a READ/VIEW only for everything. Currently there isn't a way to view the master schedule settings, or global properties, or calendars, or thresholds, or resources.

Also, the development group has all the view only access but they still gives them access to "Machine Status" which gives them access to stop communication and change any settings for any machines. Also, the development team needs access to view all buttons in Self Service without the ability to click any button not in there category.

This will allow another team to view schedule/job configurations and all its dependencies (threshold, resources, events, calendar, etc) so it can be mimic in UAT area and confirmed before moving schedules back into Prod. Especially with Deploy, since Deploy doesn't compare production schedule before importing, you can miss the ability to import wrong "AutoBuild" settings because the auto built will be different from Prod t

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Comments: 0