Capture parsed job output into Global variable or schedule/job instance

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I'd like to take output from a job and capture some piece of that to help pass along to subsequent jobs. This would be more dynamic than parsing output to determine an exit code. It would allow jobs from varying systems to capture information through the agent and pass it along to be used as a token in subsequent jobs.

An example would be a user submits a self-service request and based on a text field choice they enter, it passes that to a schedule with a SQL job (already can do this fine) where it would search a database table and return a value (let's say a customer named "Bob") which would be ideal to store in a schedule instance for the next task in the workflow that runs an IBM I job. The IBM I job would have something in the message output that would be used in the next Windows job to run some PowerShell script and finish the entire request.

Getting the information from one system to the next right now would require having each job write out a MSGIN request file to add a job

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Comments: 1

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