Include recurring Job info in Job Matrix

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Bernadette submitted this on behalf of Butch:

Butch would like to have "a status screen that shows what the schedule is of jobs and when they are due to start by the sequence that the jobs are scheduled to run in that also show reoccurring jobs and when they are due to run."

He gave me an example:

If maintenance needs to be performed on a certain machine at a certain time the user could scroll thru the list of ALL the jobs for said day to see which jobs will run for said time. Then he could put the jobs that occur during that time frame on hold and later release the jobs to run after the maintenance has been completed..

The issue lies in the fact that currently in the matrix screen we cannot view any reoccurring jobs. IBM i users have a screen (attached) that they currently use and would like to see in OpCon.

I would imagine all our clients would benefit from a list of jobs that includes reoccurring jobs as a reminder those jobs run more than once during the day.

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