Improve Deployment & Schedule Browse Dialogue response during initial dialogue population

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During the initial Deployment & Schedule browse dialogue record population, a complete list of records is retrieved from the database. Once the records have been received, the information is displayed in the dialogues. The information that is retrieved includes the definitions that are only required if the user wishes to view the definition or the backup definition.

In the case of the Deployment browse dialogue this includes potentially both the definition and the backup definition. The definition is a LOB and can be very large if packages are used and many schedules are part of the package definition.

Change the mechanism to not include the definitions in the original dialogue population. The definitions can then be fetched when required (i.e. when a 'right-click' view definition or backup definition is selected by the user).

This will reduce the amount of data being transferred as well as allowing a smaller amount of RAM being used by the JVM.

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Comments: 0