Add remainder of MCP fields to Deploy transformation rules

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In the initial implementation of Deploy, the following information was provided for MCP in response to a PM request for "the minimum MCP fields we would need to provide support for MCP".

From OPCON-10046 in Jira:

MCP transformations (From Wendy Smith, please contact her directly if there are further questions)

* Machine name/Machine group
* Usercode - FC9001
* Job Command (Start, Run, Copy, etc) - FC9003
* File Title - FC9004
* Arguments - FC9005
* Prerun Command - FC9006
* Prerun File Title - FC9007
* Preurn Arguments - FC9008
* Of the above fields, only the following would be required for all jobs:

** Machine name/machine group
** Usercode
** Job Command
** File Title
** All other fields are optional.

* Of course, there are many other job definition fields, but these are the most frequently used across our MCP LSAM customer base.
* Disclaimer: This list should not be construed as a comprehensive list that will address every scenario in a customer's environment, but has been prov

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Comments: 1